Desmond Pillay – The Book of Answers

Published by: Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: July 2023

What happened to the truth?

What if we just sat back and asked “What if”?

Desmond Pillay has done just that. Many years of detailed research has gone into this book as Desmond looks at the truth in a historical and biblical context.


The present is based on the actions of the past, the past has determined the present. If we do not know the truth in the past, we would not know how to act in the present to influence a better future for all those that are yet to come. Linear time cannot change the past, but it will reveal the past to provide the means to change the present and alter the future.


Equality is wished on those above us, but not on those below, but why?


When we think we know everything and have it all figured out, then, we are missing the mark by far, but when we realize how little we know, how little we understand and what we do know is so far from the truth and accept it, and if we are willing to learn more, then that is the starting point.

Your brain can also take in split, broken interrupted images and complete. Subliminal advertising uses this. Have you ever felt a wanting for something at the cinema you don’t need but don’t really know why you suddenly feel that way?

But then again, not everyone questions their own actions.

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