J D Kizza – Journals of He – The Conclusion

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date August 2023

The final book in the “Journals of He” Trilogy


Dilia asked God a specific question, and He gave her a specific answer.

Dominick Tyree.

The son. The soldier. The heir.

Her husband.

But with it, came the revelation of his past secrets.

Secrets that had been hidden in the Journals of The Echelon – a highly exclusive, luxury club, designed for the satisfaction of all manner of kinks and pleasures of the World’s elite.

A club where Dom was once a prominent and treasured member.

Dilia is delighted at his willingness to let her explore this hidden side of him, finally. Now bound to him, her inhibitions crumble, and she unleashes her inner fantasies and desires, realizing the depth of her love for him.

But she cannot shake her fear as a threat to their family continues to shadow their every move.

A darkness begins to unravel inside of him, making Dilia question everything she thought she knew about him, and she finds herself helpless against his thirst for revenge on those who dared to threaten the ones he loves.

And with death and danger threatening to rip her family apart, Dilia is confronted with the fact that, as he tries to protect her, she just might lose him forever…

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Also available, books 1 and 2, The Beginning and The Continuance