Nwabisa Nolwazi Mapekula – Letters to my Relationships

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: May 2023

Has there ever been a better time to get away from your screen and get in front of a piece of paper?

Yes, in our current digital age, letters are considered old-fashioned, but as digital options keep us from socialising less and feeling ever more isolated a handwritten letter connects to another level, as it leans more toward your true emotions.

Most importantly I want to rekindle the human connection.  I hope and pray that this book will remind you, the reader, to connect with your circle of relationships.

A letter doesn’t have to be pages long, a simple note to express gratitude or celebrate an achievement can be just as powerful.

In this book, Nolwazi expresses her emotions in the form of letters. Sometimes poetry, sometimes the lyrics of a song can inspire a memory or an event. She invites you to explore your deeper emotions through the simple joy of letter writing.

About the author

Nolwazi is a mother, partner, sister, friend and the only daughter my parents had but mostly a precious daughter to God Almighty the Creator.

A rural woman from Lusikisiki (Ngobozana) but a traveller who now resides in KwaZulu Natal.

Nolwazi lost both her parents during the COVID pandemic, and whilst cleaning in found her parent’s love letters to each other, inspiring this book.

Dream Big

Don’t procrastinate

Time is valuable

Enjoy every moment

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