Lisa Becker – The Blue Door

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date November 2023

Jessica had one of her dreams again, this time it was more sinister than they had previously been. She had left the sunny skies of South Africa and now found herself working in a pub in London. Mandy, her roommate; a hairdresser by day and DJ by night, is getting tired of these repeated nightmares, but Jessica desires to understand the deeper warning or beckoning in these nighttime messages.

Her whirlwind romance, with a handsome Texan who walked into the bar one night, meant her packing her bags and leaving for El Paso, dismissing Mandy’s unease about the situation.

But what is Jess to do when she meets the man who understands the meaning of the dreams and who shows her a world that she would have much rather remained ignorant about…

The horrifying trade of human beings…

About the author

Lisa Becker was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, under apartheid, with a clear sense of what injustice was taking place in her country. After completing a six-week course on human trafficking in Amsterdam in 2012, she became an outspoken advocate against any form of abuse. She recognised patterns in her previous relationship that were clearly unhealthy. Women too easily find themselves in toxic relationships as they don’t recognise their worth or acknowledge the glaring red flags!  With her degree as a Primary School teacher, majoring in English, from the University of Pretoria, she frequently finds herself singing and dancing with children from the streets of the informal settlements of Johannesburg to Madagascar and the Dem Rep of Congo.

After publishing her autobiography “With Wheels”, she felt a growing desire to write an autobiographical novel that may just help other women. Having lived in Texas for a few years, she grew accustomed to the American way of life, but she soon recognised the need for the people in her home country to build strong healthy communities that are robust against the growing epidemic of human trafficking!

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