Thabelo Hlabanyane – Poetry Restructuring

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – April 2023

The success of future generations depends on an awareness of these tools; differences, envy and distrust. A better world cannot raise immersed in a sea full of these three tools mentioned above.

For success, we must apply the opposite.

Where there is distrust we must plant trust.

Differences have caused many empires to have fallen apart and yet, with different views and ideas problems and obstacles can be overcome.

Thabelo, through his poetry, resourcefully brings an ideal stratagem to overcome these problems caused by as it enlightens the strength of love, unity, and motivation that inspires one to have a hunger for success that cares about the future and attaining the well-being of a great society with the highest degree of knowledge, wisdom and love.

Live with love and peace.

About the author

Thabelo Joseph Hlabanyane is a professional Primary Teacher who obtained his Diploma at Lesotho College Of Education. His inspiration for writing began at a young age and he has laboured to achieve it.

He is now a teacher in a primary school in the Mafeteng District.

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