Val Kadalie – Kissing The Waves

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date April 2023

We live in an ever-changing world, and today’s threats seem to grow exponentially. The horrors of the past still leave us with painful scars needing healing. Many people may wonder about the relevance of divided Christian denominations, which, to some, have diluted the core purpose of the church.

In this book, Valentia Kadalie shares her physical and mental scars that pockmarked her life’s journey while growing up in Apartheid-era Cape Town – and a divided country. Living purposefully through the Apartheid tsunami to democracy, overcoming personal challenges through the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond, Val introduces us to the beautiful, challenging discipleship ministry she and her husband Charles have embraced.

Val’s narrative includes information about herself, her family, her friends, her God – and Christian discipleship that links inextricably with her spiritual conversion to accept Christ as Saviour – the doorway to living out the Gospel.

Val shows how Christian discipleship – the task of Christians – builds redemptive bridges across barriers and invites us to ponder churchianity’s confusingly different road.

Her focus on discipleship will invoke reactions. However, rest assured she will field every response – her large kitchen table awaits.

The philosophy of Val and Charles is thought-provoking, illuminating, and liberating.

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About the author

Val describes herself as a follower of Jesus first. She is a wife, mother and grandmother with a professional background of multiple specialisations in nursing. She and Charles, her husband, have been together for 53 years and have devoted their lives to Christian ministry. Their faith adventures continue as they live out their passion for disciple making in our cities.

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