Cara Dinnie – Soul Dance

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date April 2023

“I knew that I was being called by a voice deeper than all institutionalized religions.”

This is a memoir about Cara’s spiritual recovery after her experience of heartbreak and shame in her early twenties.  Her healing began when she encountered the divine feminine for the first time while doing a Master’s in Dance Ethnology at UCLA.

The voice of Sophia (wisdom) called to her through motherhood and her dark night of the soul. After the dissonance of working as a Christian counsellor, Cara discovers powerful role models in Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna.

Cara takes the reader through a year of South African Sabbats, celebrating the earth-based approach to spirituality and drawing from her Celtic roots.

About the author

Cara Dinnie has worked as a counsellor for over two decades, helping individuals find their way through depression and heartbreak and spiritual wounding.  She has a Masters degree in Dance Ethnology from UCLA and worked in the fields of dance therapy and worship dance. Currently happily living in Johannesburg with her husband of over three decades, she has two beautiful daughters. She continues to celebrate her love of Gaia and earth-honouring Sabbats, finding ways to marry her Celtic roots with South African seasons.

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