Allyson Towle – Beneath the Mountain

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published Date: January 2024

Inspired by the true events that took Allyson to challenge herself above and beyond what most of us would contemplate doing, this adventure romance takes place in South America and South Africa.

Newly divorced and in need of a challenge, Allyson joins a gym and finds adventure and intrigue in the form of fitness instructor, Greg. Together they hatch a plan, to cycle across Chile to the Andes where they will climb Ojos del Salado a dormant volcano on the Argentina/Chile border in the Andes, the highest volcano on Earth.

Greg hadn’t been on a bicycle since he was in short pants and Allyson had never done any form of mountaineering but together they undertake a gruelling schedule of training from the Drakensburg to Bronkhorspruit to endless kilometres of cycling training in order to prepare for this trip of a lifetime.

As their training continues, Allyson has to admit the volcano might not be her biggest challenge as she has to admit her unrequited feelings for Greg.

Exertion, dehydration, altitude sickness, extreme weather and a lack of basic amenities are some of the hardships facing the pair, but for Allyson, there is always the possibility that three weeks alone with the man she yearns for will result in a lifetime of happiness.

About the author

Allyson, born in the United Kingdom has spent the majority of her fifty-plus years in South Africa.

She is currently a businesswoman and professional in the IT space with a solid background in marketing and events, in which she has over twenty years of experience.

Although her family are spread far and wide, she is a devoted daughter, sister and aunt.

Her passions, however, lie as far from a boardroom as you can get.

She is an avid animal lover owning two rescue dogs, both girls, Angel and Everest and a horse, Falafel (aka Dynajet), also a rescue that she rides non-competitively.

She loves the outdoors but most especially mountainous regions and the African bushveld, and enjoys mountain biking and has competed in a number of endurance trail races like Sani2c and Berg and Bush; she is a yoga enthusiast, practising at least three times a week, a sport climber, mountaineer and rider.

She spends her free time reading, across a vast range of genres.

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