Annelize Laubscher – Free 2 Feel

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: August 2023

Emotions are a part of the human experience.

A whole new world will open for you when you decide to use a different barometer than what you have been taught.  You will experience the freedom of acceptance of yourself, and live in the present. Break the barriers that have unknowingly been imposed on you and unwittingly became a part of your DNA!

Getting into a state of harmony with your inner self is the start of a life of freedom.

This book will give you the tools and techniques to answer questions like: “Who are you? What is your purpose? What are my passions?” will eventually be answered, if you stick around with me.

You are the greatest project that you will ever work on!

About the author

Annelize Laubscher is a keynote speaker, lecturer, author, therapist and life coach with an extensive background in protocol coaching and pastoral counselling, trauma counselling, women retreats, prison upliftment programmes and life and business mentoring.

A missionary’s daughter who travelled the world with her parents and two siblings, establishing new and groundbreaking foundations.

Her greatest passion is equipping and motivating others into a life of hope and change

Driven by her love of holistic knowledge, she applies various modalities to achieve outstanding outcomes. Her Tri-Une approach leads to a balanced restoration and forms a blueprint of how to attain your highest purpose with clarity and authenticity.

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