Keyson Mabunda – Women of Surpassing Beauty

Published by – Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – April 2023

Beauty is as old as creation itself.

The convergence across cultures, religions and philosophies is that the multifaceted concept of beauty is very complex. No one can, beyond a shadow of a doubt, table a definition that sufficiently and accurately defines beauty.

We come to understand that beauty is two-dimensional; there is an outer and inner beauty in man.

Outer beauty can be seen with the naked eye, whereas inner beauty cannot be improved by material things because it has to do with the soul and heart of a person. It is defined by action- for instance, kindness and care that we love to give to other human beings.

Throughout this book, Keyson Mabunda will look at the concept of beauty through some of the most important and influential women from biblical times up to the present day.

About the author

Keyson Mabunda wears a coat of many colours in his illustrious life as a professional educator and lecturer, Christian Bible scholar, and leadership and management coach.

His illustrious profession as a teacher started after his training at Tivumbeni College in Tzaneen in the 70s. After teaching for some years the maiden training was followed by a full-time stint at the then University of the North (UNIN) -now of University of Limpopo (UL).

After rejoining the teaching profession his acumen saw him promoted to Headmaster of Nghonyama High School. While heading the school, Keyson was awarded a scholarship to pursue an MA degree at Bristol University (UK). Here he focused on Education Management and Administration. Afterwards he was promoted to the position of Deputy Chief Education Specialist in the then Department of Education before the dawn of democracy in SA. He then took a full-time lecturing post at Technikon SA before it was merged with UNISA.

He also studied Theology at the then UNIN (UL), Haggai Institute (USA), and Global University of the Assemblies of God (USA) – attending classes in Johannesburg.

Other educational experiences include studying Education Leadership and Administration at Rhodes University, and Personel Management with RAU (now UJ).


He is a lay preacher and teacher of the word of God.

Keyson taught Theology at the UNIN, Full Gospel Theological College, and the Global University of the AOG.

He has been a part time lecturer at the University of Venda. He lectures Education Management and Education and  Development to Diploma and B.Ed postgraduate students.

Keyson is one of the founder members of the Education Management Association of South Africa.



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