Sipho Nxumalo – If He Made It, So Can You

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – November 2023

Sipho was born a village boy born in a dysfunctional family in the poorest of homes in the low-veld of Swaziland in 1952.

He, his mother and his siblings would have starved to death if not for the leftovers that the Forbes family shared with them.

Sipho and his siblings were never given a chance to play like other children their age. It was chores all the time, beatings, and verbal abuse.

Sipho had to pay for his school uniform and stationery with money from casual work.

Despite the hardships, this is the story of how Sipho worked his way up through the Ministry of Agriculture to become a managing director, by undertaking educational courses abroad in several countries including, Israel, America, Nigeria, the ROC (Taiwan), to mention a few; a passion for study and God’s guiding hand.

This is Sipho’s story.

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