Kevin Hall – Discipleship Booklet

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: January 2023

A booklet to use with Kevin’s Discipleship Guide

In today’s world, there is an epidemic of fatherless homes, an attack on the strong male role model, and an overturning of norms by a plethora of godless movements seeking to destroy Biblical manhood.

Use this booklet in conjunction with the Discipleship Manual for Mentoring Young Men. It is not a “fix-all,” but rather a simple tool to put in the hands of the godly men in local churches to say,

  • “Go and spend time mentoring a young man.
  • Help him grow up into a strong godly man.”

Godly men in local churches need to rise to the occasion and see this as an opportunity to help fulfil the Lord’s command in Matthew 28:18-20 to go and make disciples!