Sam Macholo – Which Craft? (The Life and Works of a Living Artist)

Published by: Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: January 2024

This book is a confirmation of the concept that creation is a calling and all that we go through as Artists is meant to take place.

This book reflects on Art and Spirituality through the artist’s own experiences. It narrates how we, as individuals and Artists, survive and serve in the spiritual realms. Through all our spiritual introductions and challenges we carry our purposes, talents and goals for life and through the author’s spiritual introductions he carried with him his Art.

About the author

Brought up in the dusty streets of the Vaal Region in Sebokeng Zone 3. After teaching for almost 4 years, Sam resigned with the idea of pursuing an Art career. But it was not long before he was called again to go assist General Smuts High School with Visual Art Studies. He taught at this school for 3 years until his visual Arts expertise was compulsory for the South African Police Services in 2022. Sam works there as a Forensic Analyst for facial identification.

Sam Macholo has since been initiated and graduated as a sangoma (traditional healer). Beezy Bailey’s statement about Artists. “Do you know that Artists are sangomas?”.  More is to be unfolded.

Macholo is working on his second book titled: “Which-Works are Crafted?” works of Lefaso Sam Macholo. More of Macholo’s works are explained in detail


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