Eurupa Naidoo – The Sai, Spirit of Humanity

Published by: Beyond The Vale Publishing
Published date: November 2023

The principles of Sri Sathya Sai Baba state “Love all, Serve all, Help ever, Hurt never!” These are principles that Eurupa strongly believes in and has spent her life living by.
Eurupa has worked to better the community in and around Port Shepstone and Durban, contributing towards a better South Africa for all and serving her fellow human beings. These priorities have always been in her blood and have been deeply etched in her heart ever since she was a child.
Learn from the stories in this book about how our forefathers donated time and resources to build facilities which all can benefit from to this day.
Small acts of kindness, care, concern and love can motivate a person and turn their life around. To someone it may even mean a matter of ‘Life or Death’. Eurupa’s story takes us through child refugee camps and on to the horrific Christmas Day massacre at Shoba Shobane in 1995.
“Do not let anyone or anything break your spirit or peace of mind.”

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