Len Le Roux – A Spirit Reconnection

Published by: Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: March 2023

“Spirit is in everything; in nature, even in the baby geckos in my garden. We as humans are part of the whole.”

As human’s we are taught by our parents who were taught by their parents and much of our belief structure is defined by aged seven. After that age, many of us don’t question these beliefs.

We are born, work, breed and die, but what if there was something more?

Len Le Roux explores this question. Forced into early retirement by two heart attacks, Len was given the opportunity to sit back and look at us humans, our souls and our ego minds and how we can experience God’s love.

Through extensive research, Len has investigate how Spirit resides in us from birth, the joy of knowing your inner self and how gratitude and loving oneself can benefit us all.

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