Zoleka Siyale – Until I Met My New Self

wwPublished by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date June 2023

An uplifting memoir about self-discovery and overcoming adversity.

Whatever you are going through right now, there is a way out. That is to find your new self.

How did I find my new self?

It started when, unexpectedly my husband, my first love, left me. I begged for him to stay, but he wouldn’t. There I found my lowest point. We sold our marital home and I was forced to live in my car. I hated him and I wouldn’t forgive him until it was suggested to me to ask him for his forgiveness.

I did and it sparked a life-altering change. It was the start of my new self. What I have learned, I have put into this book

Your wounds are scars that are the symbol of victory and success

I thank God I met my new self. I am no longer that lonely bitter woman. And now, I am the total opposite of those things.

You too can be happy, just be kind and do not wait for tomorrow, the journey begins now.

About the author

Zoleka was born in Eastern Cape in a small town called Alwal North and was raised in East London.

She was first born and has two sisters and a brother (who she had to raise as her own after her parent’s divorce).

She got married aged 22 and moved to Western Cape with her husband. They later moved to Johannesburg and lived in Kempton park

She is now a mother to a daughter and a son and a grandmother.

She separated from her husband raised her two children by herself.

Zoleka has been working in the financial industry since 1986.

She has obtained a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration

This is her first book.

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