Feeling Despondent And Fearful About Writing A Book?

Don’t worry we have a qualified life coach who can help you

Debbie is a fully qualified life coach with many years of experience. She can help you identify the fears that are holding you back from writing your book and help you to overcome them.

Debbie’s expertise is available as part of a publishing package or separately. She has worked with clients around the world via video conferencing.

Contact her on debbie@inspirationalfutures.co.za

Over and above courses specifically designed for writers, Debbie can show you how having emotional intelligence (EQ) can transform your life using an 8 step Transformation Coaching program.

In the Transformation Coaching workshop, she will guide you to surface what you have suppressed and find the triggers.  She will then provide you with the tools to let go of these for good.

By attending this workshop you will:

  • raise your EQ, (emotional intelligence) which also raises your energy;
  • no longer be reactive but proactive. You are then empowered to be in control of your emotions and your life;
  • feel better within;
  • find yourself again, as your emotional intelligence improves;
  • have a balanced perception and see things with fresh eyes.  By looking at things with fresh eyes, you reduce emotions;
  • have more wisdom to make informed decisions for your highest good;
  • benefit from the tools to manage your emotions from day to day;
  • improve your inner growth;
  • enable more logical and rational approach in your thinking;
  • become more proactive;

Contact Debbie now and book one 45 minute free session to find out more: debbie@inspirationalfutures.com


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