01 – Complete Creative Control
02 – Instant Turnaround
03 – Control over Royalties
04 – Retain full Creative Rights
05 – Global Distribution

Services Offered by Beyond The Vale Publishing

01- Creative Control
Complete creative control over the Output, Cover and Blurb.
Assistance in creating a cover that represents the story and draws readers in.
02- Efficiency
Instant Turnaround without waiting for traditional publishing processes.
Dedicated time and effort to ensure the book is available for sale in the hands of the author as a finished product.
03- Quality Enhancement
Team of editors available to enhance the quality of the book
04- Distribution
Conversion and uploading of the book to multiple sales platforms.
05- Marketing
Marketing Package to boost awareness of book.

1. Commit
Effective immediately: Eliminate the word “hobby” from your vocabulary.
Successful authors take their writing seriously and view publishing as a business because that’s what it truly is.

2. Schedule
Block out time on your calendar to write and respect that “appointment.”
Protect this time by staying off social media, silencing your phone, and not checking your e-mail.

3. Write
Write an amazing book and repeat. When professional authors finish one book, they get started on the next.
Self-published authors who can produce a series often meet with more success than those who write various standalone books.

4. Edit
Rewrite your “baby” without showing mercy. Revise, revise, revise, but don’t go it alone!

Hire professional editors to help you.

5. Observe
Sign up for newsletters from your favorite authors, too, just to see what they’re doing. You might even be able to tell from the outside what is or isn’t working for them.

Watch the competition from a distance. Don’t compare yourself to other authors and how their books are doing as this can lead to discouragement. There will always be someone doing much better than you. But you should look at bestseller lists and take stock of the covers, the book descriptions, the quality of the products, and the price points.

6. Choose quality
Hire professional graphic artists and designers for cover art and interior formatting. Don’t choose between editing and a nice cover. Self-publishing success means holding off until you can afford both so that you can put out the highest quality product possible.

7. Cultivate
Establish your platform and grow your readership. Have a presence on social media. Set up a website and maybe even a blog. There are free options out there to make this happen. Set up a MailChimp or other newsletter account and start collecting e-mail addresses.

8. Engage
View your readers as your friends and make it easy for them to engage with you. Reply promptly to messages and comments on social media and have a contact page on your website for them to reach out to you.

9. Advertise
And pay for it. Any successful business pays for advertising, and if you take your work seriously, so will you. Many authors have a lot of success marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Book Bub (ads and features), and many other paid advertising sites.